Democracy Cafe

Board of Directors and Officers

Christopher Phillips, PhD, Co-Founder/Executive Director

David Sheppard Shaw, Business Transformation Consultant, IBM, Board Chair

Dennis Dienst, MSSCM, CPSM, CPIM Senior Category Manager

Cecilia Chapa Phillips, MEd, Co-Founder, Secretary/Treasurer

Robert Horn, MA, Public Policy and Citizen Participation,  Analyst, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Advisory Board

Lawrence Lessig, Professor of Law and Leadership, Pro-Democracy Activist, Harvard Law School

Paul Martin, Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Martin Capital Advisors, LLP

James Burke, PhD, and Linda Pierce, MBA, Teo Consulting

Charlynn Duecy, Public Relations Strategist

Danielle Olson, MFA, Visual Strategist, DROdesign, Communications and Content Manager, Hatch Innovation

Paul Stahl, Director of Government Sales, DynaTouch Corporation; Chair, San Antonio Public Library Board of Trustees

Suhail Arastu, Board of Trustees, Mind Science Foundation; Director of Development, Musical Bridges Around the World

Jorge Lopez Campos, Entrepreneur, Mexico City

Sam Fairchild, CEO, Estrella Group

Peter Schoonmaker, PhD, Founding Chair, MFA Program in Collaborative Design, Pacific Northwest College of Art; Founder and ED, Illahee

Anthoula Katsimatidesactor, board member of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum

Shirley Strum Kenny, PhD, Retired President, Stony Brook University

Odin Hartshorn Halvorson , MFA — writer, filmmaker, philosopher, geek

David Blacker, PhD, Professor of Philosophy of Education and Legal Studies, University of Delaware