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Topic: Global Socrates Cafe/DemocracyCafe — How can we build trust in a trust-deficient world?

How can we build true trust in a trust-deficient world? Is it that “honesty is all we need” in order to do so, as Mama Cass Elliot once famously said? What about respect? Are honesty, trust and respect equal pillars, all needed, to advance trust-based connections on myriad scales, individual, local, national and global?

In any event, in a world in which people are increasingly mistrustful of one another, what can we the people do to reverse the tide and create a more trust-based world?

Studies show that many no longer trust the findings of science, of health care experts (including experts at the frontlines in the coronavirus pandemic) nor the reporting from long-venerated newspapers. That we don’t trust our leaders. That our leaders don’t trust us. That no one really ‘tells it like it is.’ The ‘battles lines’ have hardened. It’s not just that many folks are polarized, but that they don’t trust one another at the most basic level.

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Time: Apr 10, 2020 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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