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I want to invite you to our Democracy Cafe/Socrates Cafe via Zoom video on Friday evening at 7 pm Central Time, 8 pm Eastern Time.

We’ll explore: New normal?  What does it look like? What can and will it look like? What *should* it look like?  How can we make that ‘should’ a reality — what steps would we all have to take?  We’ll examine norms in a variety of human dimensions, all of them likely interlaced.

Since May 15 is UNESCO’S designated International Families Day, and it is also national Endangered Species Day, we might also explore ‘new normal’ in terms of how the pandemic has impacted families, and endangered species (looking at related issues like global warming).

This global gathering will follow my appearance this month on Mexico’s vaunted national public radio program, Primer Movimiento, at 9:10 a.m. CT that day.  I’m a regular monthly guest on the program, on which I convene a live on-air Socrates Cafe. (Thank the heavens Mexico’s media recognizes and appreciates the vital role of philosophy and philosophizing at this critical crossroads in human society.

Our Zoom gathering will be in mostly English and Spanish (my wife Ceci — I celebrated anniversary number 22 with my bride on Monday (if you want to read about how we fell in love — at a Socrates Cafe in Montclair, New Jersey, in which she was the only other person to attend (we explored, ‘What is love?’), you can do so by reading a section from my first book, ‘Socrates Cafe’ called “What’s love got to do with it?’

If you’re a parent or teacher, please consider inviting your children and grandchildren (most any age) and/or your students (any grade).  In my experience our younger brethren are the most to new ways of seeing things and latch on to the ‘Socrates Cafe Method’ in short order, such is their ability to think outside the bubble.

The idea is that we inquire and explore together — not argue and debate, inquire and explore — and give equal consideration to a wide way of seeing things, thinking in dazzling colors along the way, rather than in black and white or gray.  

This is for those who like to listen even more than they like to talk.   It is also for those who aren’t trying to proselytize (or self promote), but want to take part in a genuine sharing, as equals, in which perhaps the road the uncommon ground or even higher ground comes from engaging in that process with that ethos on a regular basis.

Here is all the information you need to gain access to our gathering on Friday:
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