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Please join us on Friday July 3 at 4 pm Central Time U.S./Tiempo de Americas) for a Spirit of ’76 Cafe.  This is a spin on our longtime Socrates Cafe initiative that is all about examining and exploring and inquiring into (rather than arguing and debating ad nauseam) matters of freedom, rights, liberties. 

We are purposely holding this between July 2, the U.S.’s actual Independence Day (when the Second Continental Congress formally declared independence from Britain and the day that John Adams, for one, thought mistakenly would be celebrated massively from then on), and on July 4 

because  a) July 2 is the seventh birthday of my daughter Cybele (coincidentally, born by midwife at the oldest hospital in the U.S., Pennsylvania Hospital)  b) few likely would take part on July 4, and c) most importantly, our Spirit of ’76 Cafe is for everyone from anywhere and everywhere, and hence is not meant to be purely or even primarily a U.S.-pegged celebratory and commemorative event (though it is that in part)

Our question to explore does spring from the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence:

When should we, as the Declaration puts it, “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor?”    For what purpose, and when, should we be willing to risk it all, together and alone?

Here is the info to join us on Zoom video:

Topic: Spirit of ’76 Cafe — For what purpose, and when, should we be willing to risk our lives, fortunes and sacred honor?

Time: Jul 3, 2020 04:00 PM America/

Topic: Spirit of ’76 Cafe — When should we risk our lives, fortunes and sacred honor?

Time: Jul 3, 2020 04:00 PM Central Time U.S.

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Meeting ID: 835 7663 9281

Password: 651026

It will last exactly one hour.

I also invite you to submit a ‘My Declaration’ to our site:

It often has been the case in history that extraordinary movements have started with a person or a group here and there issuing a Declaration — of rights, of freedoms, of independence, among many others

i believe it’s safe to say that our Declaration Project site features the most comprehensive online collection of declarations that there is:

This longtime volunteer labor of love came to fruition in 2014 in large measure thanks to our amazing advisory board member Danielle Olson, who developed the site, as well as our advisory board member Charlynn Duecy of Microsoft, who expertly developed the publicity campaign. I continue to provide all the text.

What better week than the one upcoming to really explore this site, and consider composing and issuing a declaration of your own (either written individually or with others).  Our site even provides prompts for how to go about doing so.

thanks, in solidarity,